Greencaps Duo

Liquid capsule with prefilled inner capsule

Greencaps Duo or Duocap capsules are single oral dosage systems for demanding end users. They offer the possibility of inserting a smaller pre-filled powder capsule, into a larger liquid-filled capsule. This provides you with unlimited formulation and design options that not only allow for easy ingestion of multiple active ingredients via one capsule, but also opens the way to a wide range of variations and correlations.

Unlimited possibilities of formulation and design options

  • Formulations of combination products that are released and absorbed at the desired site in the body.
  • Double release of a single ingredient.
  • Deploy multiple release profiles.
  • Unique presentation of finished product for brand awareness, including color selection of inner and outer capsule.

Duocaps are suitable for active ingredients with the aim of immediate release, as well as for complementary products with combined release. For example, to use oil-based supplements such as omegas, CLA or argan oil in the outer capsule and powdered raw materials such as caffeine, thermogenic or green tea in the inner capsule.

The active ingredients of the outer capsule are released after a very short time and have a short absorption time thanks to the liquid formulation, while the active ingredients of the inner capsule are released at a later time.

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Improve bioavailability in one capsule

In addition to powdered formulations, the inner capsule may likewise contain oils, semi-solids or pellets.
The outer capsule is typically used for immediate release of a combination product or the first phase of a dual release profile formulation. The liquid or semi-solid formulation in the outer capsule ensures rapid absorption of the ingredient. Lipid-based formulations in either the inner and/or outer capsule, can be developed to improve the bioavailability of the formulation.

MediGrün Naturprodukte GmbH offers you the entire package of these variations. From the initial concept of the ingredients combined in the Duocaps, to the production of the packaging, to the shipping to your warehouse.

Decide on a nutricosmetic, sports nutrition or pet supplement product and MediGrün will support you from the idea to the finished end product.