Future product Greencaps

The liquid capsules from MediGrün

MediGrün is one of the leading contract manufacturers in Europe and one of the first suppliers of liquid encapsulations in vegan HPMC capsules.

Realize your unique lipid or oil formulation in small, medium and large batches with liquid capsules made of HPMC. Take advantage of the technological and innovative potential for leak-proof filling using IMA’s banding method.

We produce large 00el and 00 capsules as well as easy to swallow 0el, 0, 1el, 1 and 3 capsules.

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Liquid capsules made of HPMC from MediGrün

Numerous scientific studies prove that substances from liquid components are better absorbed than powdered ones.
This leads to a considerable increase in effectiveness (working capacity), as well as bioavailability of active substances.

The consistent absence of additives in the capsule shell makes our GreenCaps particularly well tolerated – for example, they are gluten- and lactose-free and contain no allergens.
GreenCaps meet all the requirements for modern preparations → they are easy to take and allow the active ingredient to be quickly absorbed.


Advantages of GREENCAPS technology

  • Maximum nutrient density
  • Organic quality → Encapsulation of organic oils possible
  • New liposome-like carriers optimize the bioavailability of active ingredients in your liquid formulation and set future standards
  • Maximum metabolic efficiency
  • Less gastrointestinal irritation
  • Masking unpleasant odors and tastes
  • Complete absence of fillers, auxiliaries or release agents or hydroalcoholic solubilizers
  • Protection against oxygen diffusion
  • Various combinations possible: oil/pellets, oil/powder, oil/tablet, oil/capsule, oil/tablet/pellets, oil/powder/pellets, and oil/powder/tablet
  • No chemical and thermal treatment