How quickly do I receive an offer from MediGrün?
Our goal is to provide you with a quote price within 48 hours.
What services are included in the offer price?
The price consists of your choice of capsule or tablet, can or pouch, lid, and processes such as labeling, filling, and coding. We can offer you the possibility of filling in jars for a small extra charge.
What is the minimum purchase quantity for MediGrün?
Our minimum order quantity is usually 500 pieces, smaller quantities are available on request with
corresponding minimum quantity surcharge possible.
What product forms/types are offered?
Our core competence is in the area of tableting and encapsulating raw materials into vegan capsules made from HPMC and gelatin. In addition, we offer the possibility of producing liquid formulations in vegan capsules.
What additives does MediGrün use in the production of capsules?
We leave the choice of auxiliary materials to our customers. We will be happy to advise you on how to use as few aids as possible, but as many as necessary. Since excipients such as magnesium stearate are currently the subject of criticism, we rely on natural excipients such as travel extract or organic flaxseed whenever possible.
Is the production at MediGrün certified?
To rely on the highest quality standards in the manufacturing of the products is the standard at MediGrün. We have HACCP certified production in addition to an organic certification specialized in encapsulation. In addition, most of our raw material traders are ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP certified.
What packaging options are available at MediGrün?
We offer cans and jars in various shapes, sizes and colors (e.g. black, brown, white) and bags in different sizes, so that almost all packaging options are available to you. Lids are available in the standard plastic variant to the aluminum lid in gold and silver colors.
What delivery time should I expect?
The delivery time is usually 2 – 4 weeks.
What does the MediGrün Full Service include?
Purchasing of goods, manufacturing, packaging and shipping of your desired product, this is all included in the full service at MediGrün. We also have years of experience in shipping directly to Amazon via shipping label and are the right full service provider for you.
Where is the MediGrün production site?
We produce our capsules, tablets, etc. exclusively in our factory in Worms am Rhein, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in the middle of Germany.
You want a certified partner at your side?

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